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Created on Sep 11, 2018

Hornbill Integrations

I'd like to build a slick integration between Hornbill and Aha!. Similar to the integrations you already have for Zendesk and Salesforce - we're looking to be able to create or update Ideas from Hornbill workflows, and to have Aha! provide Idea status updates back in to Hornbill.

I'll be building the Hornbill side of these integrations in the very near future :)

    Sep 11, 2018

    Thank you for the request. You should know that the Aha! REST API is available and this is actually what we leverage when building in-house integrations.

    At this time, we do not have near-term plans to build this specific integration based on current priorities and historical feedback. However, we would encourage you to use the API to build a custom application for your organization's use.

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  • Alex Tumber
    Sep 11, 2018

    This would be really useful for us!