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Created on Aug 31, 2018

Allow summation of revenue opportunity (multiple client requests) within single idea ticket


As a member of the commercial team, working across many new client opportunities / existing accounts, I'd like to be able to add revenue opportunities by client to a single Aha! Idea ticket and then have the sum of all revenue automatically calculated and available as a field to sort by. This would be incredibly helpful to my product colleagues so they can understand which clients are requesting the feature, how much revenue is associated to each client (to keep us commercial people honest!), and then the total revenue opportunity for the feature (to help product understand how to prioritize). 

Ideally, the output would be a table like fashion:


Client Name Description Date Requested Revenue Opportunity
Client A <Description> August 31st, 2018 100,000
Client B <Description> August 1st, 2018 150,000
Total Revenue Opportunity     250,000


Random thoughts:

  • The table template (which fields are available/included) would be determined by the team responsible for the Idea template
  • Not all upvotes are created equally. This allows product team members to understand the 'weight' of each additional request for a feature.
  • This could be an additional set of form fields to the Comment box; the comment goes to the comments area but the form fields (e.g. client name, revenue opportunity) go to a table within the body of the Idea ticket.
  • Ideally, there would be 'aggregate fields' that would be available within the Ideas list view, e.g. # of Clients Requesting [Count], Total Revenue Opportunity [Sum] which could be sorted on
  • This would help with duplicate tickets for the same feature request. Adding a comment with additional revenue/client opportunity is just unstructured data that will get lost in the mix / not utilized when roadmap prioritization exercises are conducted.


Thanks for the consideration!




    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for your idea. This is a great use case for leveraging custom tables. You could capture the details noted in the idea using a master-detail relationship. You could then create a pivot report to calculate and sort ideas by the total opportunity value.

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