Have search field in Integration Updates window

I currently have over 4000 items in the integration updates section.  If I am looking for something in particular based on a  key word (or want to import a few based on a key word) it would be GREAT to do a search in window.

  • A Hill
  • Aug 29 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Jessica Downey commented
    26 Jun, 2019 03:03pm

    This would be incredibly helpful to us. We have 4000+ items in the 'integration updates' window at any given time, and have to manually scroll through to bring the specific items we need into Aha from JIRA. I'm happy to discuss our particular use case if there is interest.

  • Kimberly Rogers commented
    8 Apr, 2019 02:45pm

    Adding the ability to either search or filter on the items in the Integration Updates window would be extremely helpful, Epic name, release name, etc.

  • Richard Cook commented
    12 Dec, 2018 05:05pm

    I vote yes....I would like a filter created for Rally Accepted Date (with range capability) and a Name filter with contains capability...I would also like a filter for status and Rally created date if possible, thanks