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Created by Guest
Created on Aug 14, 2018

Release Phase Dates Determined by all related records

My last idea around being able to adjust Release Phase dates was rejected  but our release phases are static (Closed Beta, Open Beta, GA) so simply adding another random phase isn't an option. This level of standardization is needed as we have very cross-function projects to deliver.

You also can't adjust Release Phases based on the To-Do's within in it. That's how we currently track non-technical work (Features are technical) so if all by-default related records- Features & To-Do's - could impact Release Phase dates, I would help us to accurately track project releases. 

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  • Becky Lee
    Jun 12, 2024

    Totally agree here. I also want to add that, To Dos currently only have a Due Date associated with the Record. It would be very helpful if it could the same date range field that the other record types have. Currently, I have created a custom Start Field for our To Do record; however, it would be great if this was a default feature.


Have the option to link phase dates to dates in the related To-Do's

We use phases to manage all the different teams (beyond dev) who play a role in our releases. As we assign dates to all the tasks, it would be nice if we had the option to link the dates of the tasks to the to-do dates so it gets adjusted accordin...
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