VSTS updating Aha! features base user stories

Leadership and executives are using Aha! more and more.  Having the ability to represent the percentage completed of features in a given release is very important when reporting to large audience. 

I like to ability to show the percentage of the Features completeness via the VSTS user stories associated with the aha! feature.

Example.  AHA-Feature1 is connected to 30 user stories in VSTS.  30% of those stories are completed.  AHA-Feature1 should show 30% completed.  This data should be available with standard Aha! reporting/notebooks

  • John Seifert
  • May 9 2018
  • Already exists
Release time frame
  • May 9, 2018

    Admin Response

    Thank you for your idea. We recently added support for mapping the Rally % complete fields. These can be mapped with a custom field in Aha! This article provides more detail on what is possible.

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