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Created on Mar 28, 2018
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Change Aha! Status field names to "Workflow State"....or "Workflow Status" Merged

With the new colored custom fields, we plan to report out on other statuses, and it would be nice to clarify that the "Aha! status" for Features, Master Features, Requirements and Releases, are really "Workflow" states/statuses.  In our world, when someone asks the status...we want to be able to report that it is in development but off track....or In Design but Off Track (needs help)....etc.   This doesn't impact Goals or those already are more of an On Track/Off Track status.  I hope this helps.  Seems like a super quick change by development team that would help.  Changing the name can be done on reports, but this isn't ideal as someone has to remember to do it and also, when looking at our feature card, they will see three different "Statuses".  Offering Management Status, Development Status and then State (Aha! Status).  We want to differentiate this.