Do not cascade status to parent work items

Do not assume that when the last requirement has been completed that the feature is complete.  Allow me to set the status of pare.  Just because it's the last requirement on the board doesn't mean it's the last requirement overall.  Today, when the last requirement is done, the parent feature status is changed to done.  Interestingly, if there is a master feature, it's status is not changed to done when the last feature is done -- and I agree with this behavior.  With the new ability to define separate workflows for master features and requirements, this idea becomes even more useful.  With integrations to other solutions, such as TFS, I may not notice that a requirement status has been updated and may not notice that the feature status was changed.

I think I may have either submitted this idea before or at least voted on it, but I cannot find it now.

  • Tom Beck
  • Mar 8 2018
  • Already exists
Release time frame
  • Mar 27, 2018

    Admin Response

    Thank you for your idea. This is now possible with the addition of custom workflows for requirements. When creating your requirement workflow, leave the status category for your complete status empty. Doing so will prevent the feature status from updating automatically when all requirements are completed.

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  • Tom Beck commented
    27 Mar 15:24

    Ha! I just figured that out about 10 days ago.  I should have come back to update this idea.