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Categories Strategy
Created by Matt Wagnon
Created on Feb 22, 2018

Initiative Sponsors/ Stakeholders

It is important to be able to show all possible initiatives on the value/ effort comparisons so that stakeholders can get an idea of why we are working on some things (more value, less effort) and not others (more effort, less value).  These initiatives are often coming from other ancillary areas of the organization i.e. customer success, support, sales, Engineering, Product Strategy.  It is important to document and show who is asking for and supporting/ sponsoring the body of work as politically some people carry more weight than others.  Seeing the fact that the chairman of the board or CTO, or CEO is the main sponsor or stakeholder of an initiative will give everyone looking at the initiative more motivation to accomplish that initiative.

    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for your idea. This can currently be accomplished using a custom field. If the sponsors are also Aha! users, we would recommend using a custom user field. Otherwise you could use a predefined choice list or predefined tags field.

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