Do Not Left Adjust Releases on Feature Roadmap Notebook View

When displaying and sharing out the Notebook view of my feature roadmap, do not left-adjust all releases on this view. 

Current Behavior Example: 

  • Currently have next 6 releases planned out
  • Only want to publicly share the next 3 releases
  • Only show next 3 releases in notebook and configure the notebook to display Quarters instead of actual release dates
  • Upon opening up the notebook link/view all of my releases are left-aligned so management thinks that we are putting all of these releases out during the first 1-2 quarters. 
  • Causes confusion


Suggested Fix: See attached Mockup. Spread out the releases to display correctly aligned with where they are expected to be pushed to production/release date. 

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  • Jan 25 2018
  • Future consideration
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