Group releases which are at status "will not do" in a similar way to 'Shipped' releases in the Starter Roadmap release selection list and other similar lists

Currently in the list of releases in the "Starter Roadmap" it displays a full list of all releases which are not at 'Shipped' status (followed by the 'Shipped' releases). As this 'live/scheduled' list of releases builds up over time there are plenty of releases which are at "will not do" status and thus no longer relevant to us, which are mixed together with actual live releases.

It would be useful to separate those "will not do" releases away from live and scheduled releases, perhaps in the same way as the shipped ones are in their own grouping at the bottom of the list. Without this, it is difficult to get an "at a glance" view of what you would normally wish to add to the starter roadmap, which means you must read every single option to find and select them.

Apply this logic to the starter roadmap and similar list views across the system.

  • Adam Kendall
  • Jan 22 2018
  • Future consideration
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