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Automate updates between Salesforce Opportunity and linked Ideas Merged

It would be great to have an automated process to update information in Aha Ideas that were created from Salesforce Opportunities.  Specifically the Revenue amount, but there may be additional fields that would warrant a review to see if they should also be updated.

For example:  Our sales team creates Aha Ideas from their Salesforce Opportunities, and the Revenue from that Opportunity shows in Aha and is an important factor in our Idea review process, and release prioritization.  Currently, if the Revenue is changes in Salesforce, the amount is not changed in the linked Aha Idea.

  • cheryl fetchko
  • Jan 8 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Christian Stark commented
    8 Jan, 2018 06:30pm

    The only time the booking amount is inserted into the Aha idea record is at the time of record creation. During my test I started with an opportunity with out a value for the Booking Amount and created a related Aha idea. Later I updated the booking amount and that value never updated within Aha. Turns out in the Aha description for the Integration it points out that issue as well.
    The problem is that reps change the booking amount during the live cycle of an opportunity and the value of the idea feature relies on an accurate booking amount.
    Feature Request:
    We need an integration option that allows us to setup continuous sync of the opportunity value.

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