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Manually Add GitHub Issue Link Merged

Often, my dev team adds new feature tickets directly to GitHub for a few reasons (e.g., it was initially presumed to be a bug but is really a new feature, or really more commonly, just because it's where they are comfortable working).

I would like to be able to create a feature in Aha! and then manually add a GitHub issue link to it, such that it has the same integration connection as if it were created by Aha! directly.

Today, I seem to be able to just add a GitHub link to the description, but it's not the same as the *integrated* link that causes statuses/labels/etc to sync.  Alternately, I can close the original Github issue, recreate in Aha!, then push back to Github, and ask folks to recreate any/all dialog.  Yuck.

  • Chuck Burt
  • Sep 22 2017
  • Shipped
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