Color of Master Features | Features toggle

The color of the toggle CTAs for Master Features (Epics) and Features are different shades of gray, which makes it hard to determine which is currently active.  Typically, gray is used to indicate when something is not available.  Differentiating light gray from dark gray is not helpful or intuitive.  How about a shade of green for the toggle that is currently active?

Update 5/9/2018:

A picture is worth a thousand words so I just added one.  I want to highlight an inconsistency that tends to make it a little less intuitive what I'm looking at -- epic vs feature.  First, every other active filter item is white but the active filter for epic vs feature is gray.  Second, it seems that it's generally accepted that something that is not available or active is "grayed out". Further, every other filter is an option list while a toggle is used for master features and features.  It would be so much clearer if we only see what we are actually looking at.

  • Tom Beck
  • Sep 21 2017
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