Broadcasts - Need functionality to allow a Broadcast to expire after x views

Right now #Broadcasts is a great tool, but the implementation is very wieldy for the Aha admin as they (currently) only have the ability to turn them on or off.  I would like the ability to have them automatically expire for the individual user after X views. Therefore if a Broadcast is setup to expire after 5 views, if user Johnny Rotten logs into Aha every day, he will no longer see that message after a week of logging in. However User Joey Ramone, who only logs in once per month, may see the same message for 5 full months (unless the Broadcast expires based on a date rule - shown below).


Use case example

As an Aha admin, I need to communicate several new changes to reinforce/remind my users about a certain piece of information.

I would like the ability to:

  1. Schedule the Broadcast 
  2. Limit it to a certain number of views, per user

"Run Broadcast #1 from Jan 1 - Jan 31 or until user sees this message 7 times" 


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  • Joe Carpenter
  • Sep 13 2017
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