Add ability for user to filter report field based on null value or empty value (show all records with fieldX not set)

As a Program Manager, I want to query for specific values including null or empty values to be able to build reports that identify data integrity issues.  Often Aha! users will make mistakes when entering data into the system such as setting a feature to RED but not providing a reason in the field created for the reason why it is being set to RED.  Another example is when a release is back to green status but the user forgot to clear out the text field that explained why it was in a red status.  At least two of your competitors (names can be provided) have this functionality and I think it would be good for Aha to keep pace with them on this.  I like the Aha! tool but would like to close some of these minor gaps.  It is often used by teams to check data integrity by running reports prior to publishing official report status to senior leadership.  

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  • Sep 12 2017
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  • Guest commented
    September 12, 2017 01:00

    Typo above.. fixed in CAPS here:  "...such as setting a feature to RED but not providing a reason in the field created for the reason WHY IT IS RED."

  • Lucia Ramos commented
    February 08, 2018 09:25

    This functionality will be applicable to a number of use cases. In my case, there are custom fields that determine whether initiatives have additional information for the customer facing roadmap report.... Initiatives that don't have data should be left out for instance. Right now I have to ensure all the right initiatives/goals are clicked and make sure I am not including or excluding anything important. This feature would help solve that.


  • Dillon Sullivan commented
    June 14, 2018 14:20

    This is absolutely necessary to maintain the integrity of the information entered into Aha!. Without it, it's been incredibly difficult to keep track of to-dos without due-dates, for example.

  • Steve Malpiedi commented
    July 20, 2018 15:35

    This is critical to monitor best practices and tool adoption across a large organization.

  • Zsolt Gabriel commented
    September 06, 2018 07:01

    Similarly, I need to be able to filter for missing values when checking the quality and the completeness of the data entered.