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Limit report list by dependency links Merged

As a central organization delivering many capabilities across many of our products, I need to be able to create a report that shows all of the dependencies for that program on my team, but I can't because there is not a way to put a "where clause" in the reporting. 

Assume a product called X. It has dependencies on 100 features across 20 products. I want to say, show me all of the features in product X where there is a dependency link to Product A, B or C only.

I have created a report that shows all of the features and their dependencies, but I see a lot of features that I don't care about because they are not dependent on products I care about.

Ideally, I'd love capability like there is in Jira where I can create custom JQL to do what I want, but would be happy with some way to filter or otherwise int he existing interface

Todd Meyer in support asked me to enter this.

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  • Sep 11 2017
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