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Status Unlikely to implement
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Created by Guest
Created on Aug 30, 2017

Adding a Feature to a Release Automatically Adds a Linked Feature to a Release

We have multiple products in our suite.  When we add a feature to one product's backlog, we frequently create a "feature parity" feature in a related product.  When we drag either feature into a release, we want the linked feature to also be dragged into a release.  Ideally, drag-paths should be configurable.  Dragging an Axle Feature into an Axle Release should drag the Wheel Feature into the Wheel Release (not the Axle Release).

    Sep 4, 2017

    Thank you for the idea. Making use of the dependencies feature can allow you to see the connections between features and quickly access those features to make updates.

    At this time, we do not have plans for automation in this area based on current priorities. We hope you can understand.

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