More report customization options

When I create a custom pivot report, the entire report has a title, which is displays on notebooks. But when I export to image or PDF, the title is no longer there.

Under customize report, I would like the ability to:

  • add an optional title to the report itself, which is also used in the exports
  • add labels for the axes, again which would appear in the exports
  • choose whether or not to use the legend. Currently, if I use the "color by" option, a legend is added to the exports but doesn't show on the screen. It should be consistent in both places, and I want the choice of whether to include it or not. For this particular report I'm working on, the legend is confusing because the report is self-explanatory without it.

I found an old idea which said the first two bullet points above already exist, but they don't seem to exist now. Maybe it has since vanished?

  • Marie Sligh
  • Aug 17 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Brooke H. commented
    18 Feb 22:02

    Definitely odd having the legend be there all the time - it is basically repeating everything in the actual slide so it seems silly to have to have it show all the time.  

  • Perri-Anne Sims commented
    18 Feb 22:07

    Exported reports must have titles in order to be useful. To me, this missing functionality is a bug and not a feature request. 

  • Dan Jeffery commented
    27 Jun 10:23

    We have the same requirement. The legend showing when I have selected the 'colour by' option is pointless. It makes the page look silly as there is no value to it when it is replacting the text that already appears. I understand the value if you are identifying other items by colour and they need a legend to explain them but in nearly all of the use cases I have I do not need/eant a legend. There needs to be a tick box option to show or hide. Your solution of placing a white rectangle over the legend is not a user friendly option.