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As a Product Manager, I want to look at the history of an item to see what has changed.  Sometimes I see what I changed but, often, the details are missing; only a message that the idea was updated.  This is not very useful.  I would prefer to see which field was changed, including new and old values, if possible.

Added 4/30/2018:

On of our users was replying via email to a number of comments in an idea. He has an extensive signature that gets embedded with every response and all those details end up in the comments of whatever he’s replying to. As an Admin, I cleaned up the comments to get rid of most of the superfluous information. Now, this history indicates that those are my comments, although, on the front end they a tagged with his name.

The last three items in history reflect that I “publicly commented” when I actually only updated the public comment. As such, I think the comment headers would be more accurate if they said “you updated a public comment” and the body should indicate that the comment was by [John Doe]. The comment creator was [John Doe] and I was the comment updater.

  • Tom Beck
  • Aug 14 2017
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  • Deidra Peacock commented
    1 May, 2019 01:46pm

    History also shows when a custom field was added to the template and pushed to the item but it looks like the field was manually edited. confusing.