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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Jonathan Adams
Created on Aug 14, 2017

Add Password Field to Idea Portal Login Screen to Simplify Login Flow

We have a private idea portal. When the user hits our idea portal URL, they are prompted for their email address each time. The portal does not allow the browser to autofill this email address either. User then clicks Next, where they are prompted for their email address (again) and password. I don't understand this flow; our users are getting frustrated having to enter in their email on the first login screen each time only to have to enter it again on the second login page. Can this be simplified to include the email address and password on a single screen and allow the browser to autofill both pieces of data, if the user desires to remember their creds via browser? 

    Aug 18, 2017

    Thank you for your idea. The flow you describe is necessary to prevent Aha! users from creating a separate ideas portal user and instead login using their Aha! username and password. While the password field is not visible initially, the email address will be pre-filled after Aha! checks to see if the email address is associated with an Aha! user. So when they are prompted for their password, they will not have to type their email address again.

    At this time we are unlikely to implement this idea. We hope you understand.

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