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Created on Jul 6, 2017
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit APP-I-2185 Turn off 2-way synch for specific custom fields sent to Jira.

More customizable Jira Integration Merged

Currently the Aha-Jira integration has a fixed definition of which fields are synching in which direction. It would be beneficial if this integration could be defined per field.


My current problem (see support request #134829) is that Aha sends zero values to Jira in the estimated and remaining effort fields. This happens if the Jira issue existed before the Aha issue.


In Jira, a zero remaining value is not the same as a blank/null value. Zero remaining means there is no more work needed while blank means that Jira auto calculates it by subtracting work logged from the original estimate. This causes me to constantly having to reset the estimated and remaining effort fields in Jira after every change made on the linked Aha.


Please add a more detailed integration by field, so that I can regain control over my Jira fields.