@mentions list from comments that would show under "My work"

I start my day by going to the My Work tab where I see the features and To dos. While I can receive a notification via email of the mention, it would be much easier for me to track conversations that I have been mentioned in if they would show up on the My work page.  Right now I have had to have the team use To-dos to initiate this and the process of setting up a To-do for a comment is unnatural in behavior, and it takes extra effort.

It would much easier/natural to have teh ability to just add the comment and @mention someone for them to interact with the conversation. It would be even better if the comments could thread in case there are multiple topics that arise in the comments section instead of  having a list of comments, and responses, that might be unrelated to each other. (I'll be making another request on the threaded comments) 

Each mention would show as an individual "instance" that I could dismiss or click on and have it take me to the comment.

Having the comments remain until I dismiss them would assist me in tracking other items I may need to respond to. If the comments were threaded, any time there was activity on that thread where I was mentioned, even if I dismissed it the mention in the list would show back up, unless I flagged it to ignore further updates on that thread.

  • Derek Impson
  • Jun 28 2017
  • Future consideration
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  • Ryan-Allen McKinney commented
    12 Feb, 2018 04:07pm

    I am very much in support of this enhancement.  If would make my life a whole lot easier to no have to rely on emails when I get mentioned but instead be able to identify mentions and appropriately respond all within Aha!

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