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Status Future consideration
Created by Mark D
Created on Jun 20, 2017

More granular notification control at the entity level (e.g. ideas vs features vs requirements)


We would like to have the granular notification control that you've rolled out at the product level (e.g. none, instantly, hourly, daily, etc.) to be extended to the *entity* level (e.g. ideas vs features vs requirements) so that you can have further control of what notifications you receive that are most important to you.

There are a few reasons for this...

1. Ideas are the main entity that is unique to Aha for which you'd want to always be notified, probably even instantly in many cases

2. Activity on the other entities (e.g. features and requirements) are duplicative of things happening in Jira and are therefore much less important to be received instantly, if ever, and just add to notification noise that my Product Owners would just want to eliminate

3. Now that you've created the new notification aggregations functionality, an unexpected consequence is that if you take advantage of it you lose the ability to reply to an idea notification and add comments to the idea via email (since you wouldn't get an individual idea email notification). So taking advantage of the notification aggregation actually has taken something away from me as well. 

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