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Created on Jun 8, 2017
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click on a notebook report chart to see what is behind the figures Merged

I have several charts, bar graphs, pie charts etc look at the status of my various features in their life cycle.

I have had numerous requests from the consumers of my notebook to be able to "click into" the data behind the charts to understand which specific items they relate to. e.g. I have a bar chart showing 24 items "in design". I want to click on the bar in the online report and see a list of those items, even if it is just their titles. - and then return back to the original chart with one click.

I have set the timescale as "needed yesterday" as I have had this request made to me by at least 6 people in the last week alone. As the adoption of Aha is accelerating in the company, the number of requests for this capability is increasing exponentially.