Improve report overview folders and notebook "edit" popup

The new Report view is a great start for accessing all Reports and Notebooks from one single page.

There are some suggestions for improvement:

  • On the left side under _Folders_ the actual Folder tree including Sub Folders shall be displayed. Currently, it is just Shows top Level Folders and Sub Folders only Show at the top of the Center part.
  • Notebooks: it is a Little confusing that I Need more clicks to Access the configuration page of a Notebook
    • On Report overview navigate to _Notebooks_
    • Click on the Notebook: this only opens the Pop up Dialog on the right side.
    • Click on _view Notebook_ to edit Notebook
    • Furthermore, the word _view_ indicates _viewing_ the Notebook, not _editing_ ....
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  • Jun 7 2017
  • Likely to implement
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