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Created on May 19, 2017

Configure the look of the initiatives card

When I review the initiatives list under Strategy ---> Initiatives - the list on the left hand side shows certain information on the card. It appears that I cannot edit this to show other information I would like to see at a glance like you can with the features card.

In this case, I have a custom field for my target market version and it would be nice to see this in the Epic cards so at a glance I can tell whether I have too many Initiatives (Epics) planned for a market release version.

    Aug 18, 2023

    You can customize your workspace's initiative card in Settings > Workspace > Configure > Card customizations.

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  • Julie Edwards
    Mar 12, 2019

    We have created a custom tag field for Initiatives and would like to be able to display this on the Initiative card.


Make Initiative cards customizable like feature cards

In prioritizing our high level initiative, it is important for us to see how we individually ranked our intiatives.
Guest over 6 years ago in Strategy 1 Shipped