Allow Relating Multiple Github repositories to a Single Product

This is how things works in reality for complex applications.

We have a very modular architecture for a product. ( micro services ).   One product can have up 10 repositories. 

Even the simplest application would have frontend and backend repositories. 

Allowing linking to multiple repositories is a must. 

Please see how ZenHub does it.   That's what we currently use.

  • Gabo Esquivel
  • Mar 23 2017
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  • Tiago Sousa commented
    23 Feb, 2018 03:58pm

    Thanks Chris :)

  • Admin
    Chris Waters commented
    23 Feb, 2018 03:53pm

    Every integration supports one to many (one Aha! product and many projects in the other system) or many to one (many Aha! products going to one project in the other system). To use this, just configure more than one integration for each product in Aha! that you want to integrate with multiple Github projects. When sending items to Github you will see multiple choices in the dropdown list. Note too that you can click on the name of an integration to customize the name (so you can tell the integration apart.

  • Tiago Sousa commented
    23 Feb, 2018 02:21pm

    It would be great to add a link here to that blog post.

  • Gabo Esquivel commented
    23 Mar, 2017 03:46pm

    Just noticed this already exists!    I found an old post on your blog that was misleading. Or maybe I just got confused.  Thanks.