Allow Features to be mapped to Github Epics

I work with my development teams at an Epic level.  I define epics, have my design team mock them up, and then they break the epics down into user stories that fit inside a single development iteration.  That's how I prefer to work, and it's how they prefer to work.


I can do this manually right now by converting Aha-generated issues into Epics after I publish them, but it'd be nice if that step wasn't required.

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  • Mar 4 2017
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  • George Champlin-Scharff commented
    October 31, 2017 19:55

    Support for ZenHub Epics would support this well

  • Admin
    Nathaniel Collum commented
    March 28, 2018 14:44

    Hi there - when you say GitHub epic, are you referring to milestones? Or is there another field/area where epic is captured? I'm referring to native GitHub rather than Zenhub. Thanks!

  • Ben Scott commented
    August 14, 2018 03:10


    The below comments are exactly what we are after also. Mapping to Milestones is not quite right in a lot of circumstances. As GitHub does not have Epics, it would be great to support ZenHub which does have Epics.