Retrospectively apply idea vote limits to portal members who have already voted on large numbers of ideas

We have an existing idea portal with over a hundred ideas posted in it. We'd like to leverage the new functionality to allocate votes to our portal members. The problem is that our members that have been actively voting on ideas would have to remove a large number of votes from previous ideas to get down to the limit. Is there any way that I can remove their votes for them to make it an easier transition

  • Justin Woods
  • Feb 14 2017
  • Unlikely to implement
Release time frame
  • Mar 24, 2017

    Admin Response

    Thank you for your idea. In this situation it is recommended that you direct users to the My Votes page to give them the opportunity to choose which ideas they would prefer to remove votes from. Alternatively, for edge cases where a portal user has a very large number of votes cast you can override the vote limit for that specific user.

    At this time, based on these options we are unlikely to implement this idea.

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  • Admin
    Chris Waters commented
    February 21, 2017 21:00

    Rather than removing votes on existing ideas, another possibility is to reward frequent contributors to your idea portal by giving them more votes than the limit, so they have some spare votes to use already. 

  • Brenda V commented
    March 01, 2017 16:31

    This would also come in handy if you want to remove votes of users who are no longer active.

  • Brenda V commented
    March 01, 2017 17:09

    I also need this to clear all of my default votes that got added when I uploaded ideas from our old system.  I now have 400 votes in a system that I've set to only allow 30 per user.  I really don't want to un vote 370 times.