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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Kate W
Created on Jan 31, 2017

Idea Workflow- Internal and Public facing statuses

Right now, it is possible to exclude certain statuses in the idea workflow from being displayed in the idea portals, which means that the ideas  in those states show up with no status. Instead, it would be more useful to have a way to indicate how those ideas with "internal only" statuses should be displayed publicly (instead of blank).

For example, when we are evaluating ideas, if the idea passes the initial triage, it is tagged as "Future Consideration", which we have as a public facing status. Then, if we decide to create a backlog item out of the idea, we tag it as "Likely to Implement" so that we can internally track the idea through the workflow. However, our team is not ready to publicly display this status, and would like to keep the public status for these ideas as "Future Consideration". Right now, the only option is to either keep the idea in "Future Consideration" and use alternative fields to track the internal workflow steps or change the idea to "Likely to Implement" internally and lose any public facing status, which doesn't make sense to the users.

    Feb 7, 2017

    Thank you for the note. One potential workaround may be to leverage a custom field to denote that the idea is Likely to implement. You could use this internally to capture that the idea has moved to the next phase in your workflow, while keeping the "Future consideration" status for your customers.

    We understand that this might not be the most ideal scenario but would be another potential option. At this time, based on current priorities, we are unlikely to make updates in this area. We hope you can understand.

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