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Status Future consideration
Categories My work
Created by Max Cascone
Created on Jan 11, 2017

Aggregate status bars on My Work page

My Work is starting to feel like a place for a dashboard not only for my own work, but for the teams' work.

This could really be a landing page for all levels of reporting if there was a high-level aggregate of the statuses for each project/initiative/release.

In the short term, adding an aggregate feature status to the All Features (by status) area at the bottom of the My Work page would be very very valuable.

For instance, provide a single progress bar in the All Features (by status) area, that shows the different statuses in a bar that equals 100%. Boom, project status % done right there.

Being able to arrange the different areas in different order would be very useful too.

Later, being able to see this aggregate view for multiple releases at a time would be even more powerful.

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