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Update the ID of a Feature or Requirement when you change the Release it is associated with Merged


At the moment the way IDs are managed in Aha! is not dynamic like it is in JIRA.


If you move a bug in JIRA to another Project, the key is updated when the issue is moved and JIRA keeps track of where the issued has moved from and to.

For example, a Bug with a Key (aha ID) CAT-10 is moved to the DOG project. When the issue is moved, it now has the key DOG-115, because that was the next available Key ID in that project. 

If you click on a CAT-10 link anywhere in JIRA, it redirects it to DOG-115 because JIRA keeps track of the issue relationship.


In Aha!, if I create a Feature in the wrong Project^, I can't update the AhaID to reflect the Release the feature now relates to. 

^ which is very easy to do if you are using the "Create New" shortcuts from within an initiative or from a Feature in a Project - they inherit the parent ID :(


Using the example above, if I have CAT-10 and realise it needs to be managed in DOG, I can adjust the Aha Release field to reflect the new Product, but this doesn't change the ID to DOG.

So it's CATs and DOGs living together in one Release board, which (of course) is unnatural. :P

All jokes aside, having a mixture of CAT and DOG ID prefixes in a Release when it should be all of one type is really confusing to devs when they are used to using the JIRA ID as a clue as to what part of the product stack the feature or requirement relates.


  • Jared Morgan
  • Dec 28 2016
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