Don't hijack native COMMAND-F behavior on published roadmap screen to go full screen

Hitting COMMAND-F on a published roadmap screen takes you into full screen view. 

This is very unhelpful when what I really want to do is search the page for a particular release using the native browser Find / Find in page functionality which is the expected behavior when I hit those keystrokes.

Going into full screen is neither expected, nor that useful, nor that common. On the other hand, I can think of precisely 0 apps where COMMAND-F does something other than than Find (search)

Now, every time I want to search a published roadmap (which is almost every time I visit it), I have to dig into two levels of menus within the browser UI (or reset my Find keyboard shortcut at the app/OS level and retrain myself to a new keyboard shortcut for Find functionality).

<rant> If you have UX research that shows this existing behavior is helpful, I'd love to see it. Otherwise, it's a seriously painful feature (bug!!!) and I'd love you to kill it with fire. </rant>

Thank you!

  • Mark Martel
  • Nov 4 2016
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  • Mark Martel commented
    November 04, 2016 22:18

    (Should have added: Using Chrome Browser on Mac OS)