Export lists to excel

The export to CSV is far to limited and creates issue when trying to import the CVS into Excel. Especially if you have included text boxes in your list. These textboxes comes up as separate lines in Excel where you would like to have them in one cell keeping the format from Aha

  • Øyvind Standal
  • Nov 3 2016
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  • Michał Kubiak commented
    September 26, 2017 12:12

    I think it would be very usefull to add a better export function of reports to Excel. The best would be if there is even a possibility of some automated data connection betweem Aha! and Excel. Excel has nice data import function, but noting works with Aha at this moment.

  • Guest commented
    November 07, 2017 19:29

    I would add that an export function to Google Sheets would be equally as helpful. The CSV does appear to import OK, but it requires extra steps - direct export to Google sheets would be a large time saver.  Some companies are standardizing on G Suite vs Office, so offering both options would make sense.