Embed notebook pages where "must login" is set

Currently embedded notebook pages do not work if you have "must login" set, and the user has not logged in prior to hitting the page. While the notebook pages allow embedding in i-frames, the login page doesn't so the redirect to login in the iframe doesn't actually display.

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  • Oct 4 2016
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  • Nov 10, 2016

    Admin Response

    Thank you for the note. As you described, we currently do not show the login page in the iframe. We do not allow this because of security reasons. As such, we're unlikely to make updates in this area.

    Note that a potential workaround is that you could use password protect the notebook instead of requiring login. This would still provide an additional layer of visibility protection.

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  • Daniel Boling commented
    April 01, 2019 14:11

    We are having success with Smartsheet's feature to publish read-only and read-write sheets as iframe while requiring login.  I'm not sure of their security practices, but it works flawlessly.  I would definitely +1 Aha in developing a similar feature.