Ideas via Email: How it handles CC'd Repsonses & Custom Email Address

I am looking into potentially using Ideas submitted via email as an option for a submit only portal linked to my already existing product but there are some limitations that would be useful to update:

1) being able to CC other addresses in the email and have any replies  go into the original ticket created rather than responses creating new tickets.

This is useful as sometimes we have  urgent ideas submitted and the goal would is to be able to CC others in an email submission so it is done in one step (i.e. create ticket and notify others of urgent item) and the potential for responses to happen in the email chain are high but in the current set up this would start creating tickets for each response.


2) being able to customize the associated email




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  • Aug 30 2016
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    27 Mar 17:33

    Right now the biggest shortfall is the ability to utilize the ideas portal as a method to track individual comments for non-users. As the issues correctly identifies, we have issues where many individuals will be associated with a project, and we don't want to go through the time and effort to add all the individual user emails to an Aha ideas portal. In addition, some email addresses may be added at random when people click "Reply All" to the email.

    - Therefore, each idea that is created, should track all responses in the comments section of that idea, so long as the idea email id included in the to, cc, or bcc line of an email.

    - New ideas should be automatically created by emailing the ideas portal directly, but as stated above, it should be smart enough to track email-based comments idea by idea.