To Dos to have dependency to other To Dos, automated notifications when complete to the next assignee and unable to mark complete until dependency gone

In a GA checklist, a cross functional team has many to dos such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Support, etc. Obviously, some of these To Dos are dependent on others being complete. For example, if my task (Support documentation) must be done before the proceeding task (Go live) can start, an automated message could be sent to the assignee of the proceeding task to begin their part. Currently, this is a manual process. The notification could go out via email or a messaging tool such as Slack or HipChat. Additionally, it would be even better if the proceeding task (Go live) could NOT be completed until the prior one (Support documentation) is complete. 

I saw the idea for To Dos in templates, LOVE IT!, and this could easily fit right in with that feature. 

  • Vedran Blazanovic
  • Aug 26 2016
  • Likely to implement
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