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Status Will not implement
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Created by Eric Blackwell
Created on Jul 27, 2016

Update idea ID when changing product

When using the Zendesk widget, occasionally one of my support reps will put an idea under the wrong product in our product line. After I have reclassified the idea under the right product, the ID stays the same which seems to be confusing for support when they are viewing the idea in our Aha-Zendesk widget. IT appears that the idea still belongs to the other product, which makes it difficult for them to track down the right request when attaching votes, resulting in duplicate requests being created.


    Jul 28, 2016

    Thanks for the note. We can understand potential confusion when looking strictly at the Idea ID but this is done for good reason.

    If the Idea ID were to be changed, this would break any existing links to any features or other links in the system. In order to keep all links working properly and to ensure traceability, the Feature ID will need to remain the same. We hope you can understand.

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  • Bryan Young
    Jan 2, 2018

    JIRA does it. Sounds like the database is just architected with a user-visible primary key instead of a hidden ID only your system can see. I would add a name field to the table and display that to the user instead, so changing it won't break the link.

  • Phil Ethridge
    Aug 12, 2016

    The response makes sense to me, but we've also seen this issue come up.  What is the recommended method to resolve the confusion?  Manually create a new idea?  Merge doesn't seem to work as it only allows you to merge within the same product.


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Bryan Young over 6 years ago in Ideas 1 Will not implement