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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Product
Created by D L
Created on Jul 14, 2016

Convert product line to product

I want a way to convert a product line into a product. We found that having multiple products within a product line was difficult to manage. As such, we wanted to consolidate back into a single product without losing data.

    Jul 16, 2016

    Thank you for the note. The best way to achieve this without losing data would be to leverage our Save as CSV and Import from CSV capabilities. 

    From the Report list pages, you can create reports with the information from your product line which you would like to keep intact for your product. You can then save this to a CSV.

    Within Settings, there is the capability to Import data via CSV, which you can leverage without losing data. 

    We realize that this is a multi-step action but it would achieve your goal of consolidation. At this time, based on the workaround and current priorities, we don't have plans to make additional updates in this area in the near-term. However, we hope that you can leverage this workaround.

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  • Nick Galassi
    Jan 9, 2018

    CSV might be a workaround from your perspective but I disagree. Creates a time consuming, multi-step process leading to a poor experience. Seems like a simple change to make to map the fields.