Focus on last "Attach File" method by default. Drill down to last used location.

When adding attachments from a specific google folder, I have to drill down again and again.

Desired behavior:

  1. When opening  the 'Attach files' dialogue, the last method used should be in focus.
    1. If I uploaded from the computer then that would be in focus.
    2. If I attached from Google, then Google should be in focus.
    3. Same for Dropbox
  2. When Google is in focus, the files shown should be from the last location I used to attach.
  3. In my case each attached file (a screenshot) refers to a different requirement - possibly there could be a shortcut to create a requirement for each attached file. Naming the requirement according to the file name. This may be too much specific "nice to have" use case...
  • Dan Arad
  • Jul 1 2016
  • Likely to implement
Release time frame
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