Add prefixes to feature stories in Rally

When integrating with Rally using the "Feature -> User Story, Requirement -> User Story" mapping, it would be great if we could give custom prefixes to the feature stories names in Rally without having those prefixes displayed in Aha.

We use the parent user stories as features in Rally and indicate that they're features by putting [Feature] at the beginning of their name.

  • [Feature] Feature Name
    • Story 1
    • Story 2
    • Story 3

With the integration, it updates the name of the features in Aha to match, so either everything will say [Feature] at the beginning of its title in Aha (which looks really bad when showing notebooks to leadership) or we make it difficult to distinguish between features and stories in Rally (and an unhappy development team means an unhappy PM).

  • Bryan Crist
  • Jun 7 2016
  • Likely to implement
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