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Categories Salesforce
Created by Elina Hu
Created on Jun 2, 2016

Map feature "Value" field in Salesforce integration to a custom field instead of the opportunity value

We need a tool that helps us quantify the potential value/ROI of a feature (to the extent that this is possible...). The SF/Aha! Integration ties to the standard opportunity amount field in SF, but that field is not the metric that we care about in terms of potential ROI. We have a custom dollar amount field related to recurring revenue that we would like to tie this number into.

    Apr 11, 2022

    We have enhanced the Salesforce integration to sync accounts and fields (like account revenue) to Aha! organizations. Keep your customer data up-to-date in Aha! automatically so you can better understand your customers and what they need. Upgrade your Salesforce integration to start mapping fields and importing accounts, available with Aha! Ideas Advanced. Read more.

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  • Admin
    Kelly Sebes
    Oct 27, 2021

    Thank you for voting and commenting on this idea!

    We have recently added custom fields on Aha! organizations for storing important information about a customer, like the account's value. Learn more.

    In light of that, we would like to better understand which Salesforce data you would like to save on Aha! organizations vs on proxy votes.

    Could you share more about your data and use cases?

  • Dave Tucker
    Jun 28, 2021

    Tracking return on investment is a key requirement for us. This idea seems to lead to a solution that would be suitable.

  • Taylor Brinton
    Jun 22, 2021

    I also would love to have the ability to bring in a custom field for ideas. The value of an opportunity is our number one driver.

    Along the same idea of customizing the salesforce integration would be to being able to attach an idea driver for the opportunity. Example one idea of "Product needs the ability to do X" could have a driver for one customer as a requirement to purchase and another customer could have a driver for the same idea as a need to renew the account. Having the ability to proxy vote with some sort of driver attached would be a nice addition to the integration.

  • Byrne Reese
    Jan 27, 2021

    We would like to add our support to this feature. By linking exclusively to an opportunity's value, the current implementation shows a strong bias for how ideas drive customer acquisition. But this ignores how existing customers drive feature prioritization.

    I would love the ability to configure the Aha/SFDC plugin in the following way:

    * Select the field in SFDC to use for the Proxy Vote value: [pull down menu]

    With this, I could select the custom field we have associated with accounts that contains our computation for the account value. And another user could select the Opportunity's value field.

  • Daniel Hirschberg
    Jan 25, 2020

    If we could create custom mappings between fields in Aha! and fields in Salesoforce, like the Jira integration, it would solve this use case for good!


    I would like to be able to see Account values on a different field, so it wouldn't muddle the  features that are critical for Opportunities, and show the ones that are important for customers even if the Account is not at risk.


    And, of course, we have some custom fields in SFDC that carry value and other metrics, so the flexibility to pick fields would go a long way.

  • Guest
    Feb 5, 2017

    We also use a custom field for revenue at the account level in Salesforce we'd like to use for this purpose. This would be an incredibly helpful addition. Right now we're using excel to join Aha ideas exported to a CSV and with a CSV from salesforce with the account level revenue information to accomplish this today.