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Created on Apr 21, 2016

Lock/Archive Notebooks so they can't be edited

We have reviews (or "checkpoints") before and during the release where we reveal to stakeholders what we are doing in the release, the priorities, etc.  We want to create notebooks to convey this information.  After we have the checkpoint meeting, however, we don't want any changes to the notebook to occur as that could be perceived as changing the plan of record.  We want to lock or archive the notebook so that edits are not allowed.  Whatever information is captured in there stays there, and is immutable.

We also want to be able to copy notebooks (that's logged as a different idea) so that we can copy the previous checkpoint and update it accordingly for the next checkpoint.

In the end, we will have documentation that says "here's what we originally planned on, here's what changed in the midst of the release, and here's what we delivered" via the series of notebooks and we can compare/contrast and learn from our own progress.

    Apr 21, 2016

    Thank you for the request. We do have future plans to make it easy for you to copy notebooks. This will be undertaken under a larger feature around an overall upgrade to the Notebooks feature.

    One key workaround which can help you to achieve the goal of being able to refer to what was originally planned (through a notebook) and compare it to what was actually achieved, is to leverage PDFs.

    It's possible to generate PDFs (and access older PDFs) via the "previous versions" menu. This will allow you to refer to progress at a point in time.

    Based on the current functionality, we will mark this idea as Already exists. We don't have future plans to make additional updates in this specific area, but hope that the use of PDFs can help you in your primary goal.

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