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Created on Apr 15, 2016

Initiative Effort to Value matrix updates

This is a cool concept, but at the moment, we're  finding this matrix too noisy, and it tends to sidetrack the discussion we'd like to have. With that, here are some features we'd like to see around this:

  • Suppress Initiative Effort to Value matrix: just allow us to hide it for the time being, possibly allow a grid view of all initiatives in it's place (like you have in the overview section)
  • Ability to edit the numerical driver behind the rankings: rather than dragging around, these can be based on real numbers entered into the initiative - possibly based on a summation of point estimates and a business value number - preferably we could tie these to common fields we create for Aha scores
  • Ability to hide individual initiatives from appearing on there, and the ability to make the default visibility be off
  • Roll the initiative list and roadmap into one tab (and kill the matrix)
    Apr 15, 2016

    Thank you for the note. There are a few aspects of the existing functionality which can help you better leverage the Initiatives page for your own use.

    It's currently possible to hide initiatives from appearing on the matrix. When clicking into an initiative, you can click on the "Show on roadmaps and charts" option to hide it from this matrix chart.

    It's also possible to create a custom scorecard field on Initiatives, which would allow you create your own custom formula (and directly edit the drivers). 

    We don't currently have plans to suppress/remove the chart (based on community feedback) but hope that the points above will be helpful. Based on the above points, we'll mark this idea as already exists.

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