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Created on Apr 8, 2016

Improved Persona UI and UX ... so client/end-users WANT to have input

I work with clients in a collaborative manner and currently the way our clients (even with full account access) have trouble with the UI and UX .... in that it is very rigid and requires extra "handling" to get them over the line in providing good information about their target market personas.

The way works is GREAT for the end users and allowing clients to be able to nicely put together the user personas THEY want .... without lot's of extra hand-holding and assistance in being able to enter their person information.


At the moment it is very difficult working with clients and creating custom persona fields/options, etc ... the front-end does not allow any of that type of thing and we end up with a big delay and user resistance because of this.  Having a much easier way to improve this UX, in a similar way to how xtensio does it would be a HUGE improvement.

Thanks, Max

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