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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Chris Humphreys
Created on Apr 6, 2016

Paired custom fields

We need to create custom fields that have paired values. For instance, if a feature would potentially support more than one solution, we want to create a "Needed by" field that takes a date and the solution that needs it by that date. Right now, we can create a date field and a tags field, but the values are not connected. Our workaround is to create a separate "Needed by" field for each solution, but this is unwieldy as we have many solutions and will keep adding more as Aha! is adopted by more of the organization.

Another example is a field to list customers who have requested a feature paired with the level of importance to the customer. We bake this into our scoring rubric, but in Aha! the score is just stored as a total number, and we'd like to keep a record of the specific customers/prospects behind a requirement.

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