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Created on Mar 6, 2016

Add an 'Active' filter for initiatives and Goals in addition to the 'All' and 'In Progress'

I have a backlog of 'Achieved' Goals and Initiatives. The only filter options are 'in prrogress' and "All". There really needs to be an active or incomplete filter option (should be pretty easy). 

Why do I need this?

When planning, I need to see what is "in the future", which includes not stated as well as in progress.. this way I can add tasks to future initiatives easily. Currently I must turn on 'all' and I get a lot of 'achieved' clutter.

    Mar 9, 2016

    The best way to solve this is to leverage the Time Frame field.

    You can set Time frames for goals and initiatives, and also filter the list by time frame. This would allow you to focus on what is in the in the future, and easily remove the clutter from the "Achieved" items.

    Please see more details here: 

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  • Guest
    Mar 13, 2016

    If you had the option to put Goals/Epics into multiple time frames, this would resolve it, but since you don't I don't feel this is resolved.

    If the goal is in Q12015, it could also be in FY2016.. then I could easily handle this with the time filters. Please consider this, since you don't want to do the other solution.