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Status Future consideration
Categories Strategy
Created by Rob Bedeaux
Created on Dec 22, 2015

RSS Feed/Google Alert for Competitors

The competitors tab is great for tracking information I input about competitors. One of the default sections for competitors is the 'Recent News'. It would be very helpful if instead of me having to keep up 'recent news,' I could just input the rss feed for their site or allow me to embed a Google alert. This way I would always have update to date news about the competitor. 

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  • Guest
    Sep 21, 2018

    I was just typing this request up.  It would greatly help me have a centralized place to see my competition and what they're revealing.  Links to RSS feed as stated above and possibly integrate their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts as well.

  • James Rowe
    Jul 26, 2018

    yep, this is a must have in the competitors section

  • Dan Molloy
    Nov 11, 2016

    Yes!  I'd like to have the ability to setup as many RSS feeds as I'd like  per competitor- this way I can use a combination of Google Alert based RSS feeds and competitor supplied propaganda to stay informed.

  • Eric Marotta
    Feb 19, 2016

    Agree.  This is an imperative to strengthen the power of the competitor views.  

  • Guest
    Jan 7, 2016

    This would be excellent.  Personally I'd like to see this as a recent news section that could be posted to via  the api with individual pieces of news so it builds up a running history in aha of the news.  Happy to be contacted and speak to developers about this if that is helpful.   

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Automatic recent news feed to watch Competitors

We're starting to use the competitors cards to watch the key movers and emerging players in our industry. The Recent News section in the Competitors card provides the ability to add intel on our competitors but it's manual. It would be great to ha...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Add RSS Feed to Competitors

This feature would be useful because it would allow me to setup a Google Alert for a competitor and have the data fed directly to to my competitor page making it easier to maintain a one stop shop for updated competitor information
Guest about 4 years ago in Features 0 Future consideration