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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas
Created by Aristotel Dascal
Created on Dec 11, 2015

When promoting idea to feature allow automatically pass the idea category to a feature custom field.

Currently it passes info only from idea custom field to feature custom field. I want to leverage the already existing idea categories to pass them as product components/areas into feature and then again into Jira ... all in sync. I have the workaround off course to manualy duplicate the categories in a custom field, or manually re-enter them when promoting to Jira ... but would be useful for all this to be streamed lined...

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  • Steve Jackson
    Jan 20, 2023

    We find the categories in Ideas to be really helpful as we have 8 engineering squads, and they each have responsibility for areas of our product which pap to categories. We can work around this with a custom field for now, but another vote from me to be able to use the standard categories to keep ideas and features in sync.

  • Guest
    Dec 21, 2022

    Standard field API keys should be available for mapping across the platform


    Standard fields from Ideas should be available for selection when customizing feature layouts

  • Guest
    Oct 5, 2022

    If the API Key is not made available, could the Categories list at least be made available across workspaces, similar to the fields or layouts? If it is going to be locked down, at least make it available to other ideas portals or features. This is the less ideal situation and probably harder, so the original idea should be executed.

  • Guest
    Apr 21, 2022

    When a user submits an idea into the ideas portal, the category field is used to capture the type of work request. This information is used when the idea is promoted to a feature as it's used throughout the "life" of the work request, from submission in the ideas portal to completion in the roadmap. We need the category field to automatically carry over to the feature.

  • Guest
    Jun 25, 2021

    I appreciate that Idea system fields are generally not configurable for automation, but still question why. The Categories field is helpful for organizing ideas in the Portal. That information is also useful to organize those same ideas, now features, during development planning.
    My team has multiple departments, each responsible for its own Category. Once an idea is vetted and promoted, those new features need to be distributed to the appropriate team. Why would that label not move with the promoted item? It now takes manual updates to apply a piece of already fielded information. Maddening!

  • Victoria Morrella
    Jan 27, 2021

    Creating a Custom Field won't help us either as we would not be able to have our users filter under the Ideas Portal also. We also need this to be passed through to Features. We have mentioned a few times to Aha that they need to provide a more robust solution for filtering/reporting capabilities on the Ideas Portal.

  • Guest
    Sep 8, 2020

    Creating a Custom field wont help us, as we cant make that a field for customers to filter on in the Ideas Portal. The only fields we can have customers filter on in the Ideas Portal are Status and Category. We like how Category is hierarchial as well - just need it to flow through to Features.

  • Dave Tucker
    Jul 16, 2020

    Aristotel has explained exactly what I need to do also. Seems quite odd that the category data can only be held in an idea record and not passed through.

    I too will then have to create a duplicate field with the same categories and trust that users complete the field every time.

    Key for me also is that categories have automatic filters in the ideas portal which any custom field cannot.

  • Laura Carruthers
    Jun 11, 2020

    I agree with all of the below, but given it doesn't look like the idea will be implemented can you provide directions on how to implement the workaround? (BTW, when a work around is suggested, it would be good to have a link to a support article; I'm unable to figure it the workaround process)

  • Danielle Machado
    Jan 8, 2020


    I need to be able to categorize Ideas and have that “category” carry over to Features. It appears the Category field does not carry forward. And Initiatives work only on Features (which won’t work since I need to be able to apply this type of a label to Ideas).

    The reason we are categorizing the Ideas/Features is to track what contributes to our yearly Initiatives. We use our Idea funnel internally only and want to bucketize the different types of work for easier prioritization.

    Having categories carry forward would be ideal for us.

  • Cristian Santayana
    Oct 30, 2019

    I have to add my 2 cents on this one, having a manual, repetitive action that has to be done again and again is not a workaround that can stay there. That is something you do while you wait for the real solution.


    I would like to know why labels are passed, and custom properties can be passed to features. But Categories, which are mandatory to use the filters on the client portal are not. 

  • Pamela Stephens
    Oct 9, 2019

    I just had a call with Aha! Concierge about this very request. We have categories under each product so that when a user submits an idea in the Ideas portal, he/she can designate which product/service/component the idea is related to. I was told I have to create a custom field on the features layout and each product manager will have to manually add the category from the idea to the feature when promoting an idea to a feature. It seems like duplicative work and error prone. I would like the category field to carry over automatically to the Features layout and then automatically carry over to Jira. 

  • Guest
    Aug 13, 2019

    I agree with the others.  What is the point of a field in ideas if it cant propagate downstream?  Categories / Product etc.  Seems like an easy fix.

  • Laura Giles
    Feb 22, 2019

    Manual duplication & mgmt of datasets is bad practice and shouldn't be a requirement for 'automation' ESPECIALLY when we don't even have the ability to bulk manage categories (aka undue burden / terrible admin ux), copy categories to other products, easily manage categories like custom fields nor select a custom field as a portal category filter, etc..

    Aha support docs recommend using categories as an identifier for x-portfolio idea submission scenarios but doesn't deem it important enough to carry over to the feature?? Why even have an alternate identifier dataset that cannot be used? PMs don't want to have to flip back and forth between ideas & features/initiative to reference user-defined data that should have pulled through. (bad PM ux) 😭(also noting that Aha baseline feature status (i.e. 'will not do' & 'already exists') also do not auto sync to baseline idea status)

    Aha's heavily touted ability to automatically sync feedback to features was why we as a company considered adopting Aha globally in the first place but appears to have been a platform after thought and we have solved nothing that a much cheaper spreadsheet couldn't handle.

    Hopefully Aha plans to invest in the feedback<>feature sync process near term as well as correct all the category design issues. 

  • Guest
    Oct 11, 2018

    Categories are valuable in Features, too! It seems silly to have to replicate a built-in field with a custom one. Also, if we use a custom field in the Idea, will that allow the nice list on the left side in the Ideas portal?

  • Claire Matt
    Aug 1, 2018

    We really struggle with this.  For us, to take full advantage of promoting ideas to features, we should be able to carry over those fields without double entry.  Please reconsider!!

  • Guest
    Jul 11, 2017

    Ron, the workaround is not a good solution. The idea custom field is not displayed in the ideas portal. I agree with this idea, if you want to avoid double data-entry the category should be automatically copied over to features. If  you want to go a step further, this should also be sent to jIRA.



  • Guest
    Mar 27, 2017

    Added my vote. My objections with custom fields are the same - duplication.

  • Ron Yang
    Dec 11, 2015

    As you described, we do currently have the ability to pass information from an Idea custom field to a feature custom field. We do also have the ability to sync feature custom fields in Aha! to Jira custom fields. The best way to support your use case would be through this workflow.

    While we realize that this may require you to duplicate the categories into a custom field, the end goal can still be achieved.

    Given this workaround, general feedback from the overall community, we're unlikely to make changes in this area in the near-term.

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