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Status Unlikely to implement
Created by Angus Davis
Created on Nov 22, 2015

Convert Aha URLs into human-readable links

With Trello, when I paste a URL to another Trello card into a comment, description or checklist item, Trello automatically converts the URL to appear as a human readable link. Instead of seeing "" in my comment, checklist item, or description, I instead see the title of the card, which appears as a link. 

When I am entering my comment, it looks like this:

Once I save my comment, it looks like this:

This feature is particularly important because, by default, in Trello, cards have human readable URLs that look like this:

However, in, the URL to a feature card looks like this:

Nobody can look at "S-835" and have any idea what you're talking about. Yet, it is common to mention other features, ideas, etc. in a comment, description, requirement, to-do item. So, this feature would be really useful, and there's a great UI pattern to borrow from at Trello. 

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  • Ron Yang
    Dec 12, 2015

    Thanks for the suggestion. Our URLs are purposely shortened to help save space and to solely use the unique value of the feature reference number. While we can see that many people will not know which feature is referenced through the URL, they can click to access the feature name and more details.

    We can see potential benefits of including the feature name into the URL, we do not currently have plans to make changes in this area (based on the above reasoning and our current goals and priorities).